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Mitichi, born Dumitru Preda, is a Romanian director and producer known for Feeric Fashion Week the fashion project he founded in 2008. Since then, he is the president of what Vogue Italy called “the most important fashion week in Balkans” gaining worldwide appreciation as fashion press praised his work and creativity. After 3 years as TV producer for Antena1 and 7 years as an advertising creative, he decided to found the fashion week and to invite people worldwide to be part of some of the most creative fashion shows in the Eastern Europe area. He used to direct fashion shows, several commercials and music videos but since 2019 he decided to work exclusively for film industry. His first feature film is The Fightback, a documentary about the way people in the industry in Western and Central Europe are dealing with their economic and social context to become more sustainable. We is the director, writer, cinematographer and producer of this film. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UBB Cluj Napoca, Romania and marketing and advertising psychology studies he slowly started to approach photography and applied all the acknowledges combined on the way of becoming a filmmaker. Mitichi is also the owner of Modic Magazine, M calendar and Mitichi Production.

„One of the strengths of this fashion event it’s definitely its locations: under the direction of founder Mitichi Preda, a little army of photographers, video makers, builders and assistants transformed, each time, the most random places in catwalk-ready settings. ”


„Mitichi Preda, founder and president of Feeric Fashion Week, launched the concept in 2008 when he was decided that Sibiu, his home town in Transylvania, needed to step up its game when it came to promoting its beautiful locations around the town and the local fashion industry.”


„The first Feeric Fashion Week was created in Sibiu, in 2008 by Mitichi, art director and fashion photographer. Feeric is the Romanian word for “magic” and the name came from the beauty of the Small Square, a very popular square among the tourists and such a fancy place for locals.”


Film making is the result of a beautiful journey